WTF is…a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a system of farming and food distribution that requires an upfront investment for “shares” of produce. As a supporter, your investment helps the farm plan their growing season and assists in covering their upfront costs. You can think of a CSA as a subscription service. The shares are later delivered […]

New Home

I’ve struggled over the last few years to find my footing on the internet, in particular, to established a home – a website and blog. I’ve tossed and turned over the details, down to the fonts and background colors of WordPress themes. I’ve struggled to commit to such a long-term project. I research and write for my day job and […]

Recipe Round-Up #1

Campaign news: My indiegogo campaign is finishing up with 40 hours left and 10% to go.  After my culinary nutrition certification, my goal is to offer my time, knowledge, and resources to help fellow cancer survivors and their families introduce more whole foods into their diets to help healing and prevent future disease!  Contribute if you […]