Awesome Project: The Passion Planner

I have been giving a lot of thought to my next work and personal planner purchase(s). I have explored a wide variety of product reviews because I enjoy researching the crap out of something before I take the leap. In the process, the universe sent me a link to the Passion Planner – an appointment calendar, goal setting guide, journal, sketchbook, gratitude log & person and work to-do lists all in on notebook. These are all things I have liked about various planners, but haven’t been able to find in one place. Angelia launched the 2014 version and had huge success, raising more than $48k in 23 days to make the first version of the planner a reality. For the 2015 launch, she is raising funds for a smaller version of the planner –  5.5″x 8.5″. So far, the campaign has raised $400k with 16 days (as of this post) to go.

I love that she has included a gratitude log, as many of us can get lost in the details and overwhelm of a given day or week. The brainstorming/sketchbook section is a great addition – and in my mind a “free play” area you don’t get with other planners. The goal mapping area is GREAT for visualizing goals and breaking them down into manageable parts.

Not only has Angelia created a kick-ass product, but she is giving away the PDF for free for those who get out the word.

“I have so much belief that Passion Planner can be a catalyst to change someone’s life that I feel that anyone should be able to use it regardless of their financial ability.
That’s why I’ve decided to share it for free.

One of my favorite parts? The step-by-step guide to mapping out your goals.

I’m backing her project, and you may want to as well. Head over to the Passion Planner’s Kickstarter page for more details.

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